5 on Friday!

These weeks are flying!!!

1. Heading to Chicago this weekend!!!!  So excited – my friends wanted to make a fun weekend out of it so we have reservations at our favorite spots, a fun hotel room, tickets to the architectural boat tour, plans for watching the cubs play from the cubby bear in wrigleyville (away game), and a ton of other fun things planned!

2. Another week gone, another week closer to the NHL and NBA playoffs.  I have the Redwings in an office pool but we’re a Blackhawks home…so I’m torn!

3.  Anyone have a cat?  Why oh why does my one cat think it’s appropriate to eat plastic?!  Every day I seem to come home and find bite marks in the most random things.  We thought we removed all the plastic bags, products, etc. that a cat could eat, but you’d be surprised to find what they can grab.  Really annoying and scary for my cat at the same time!

4. It’s finally starting to get really warm here!  We’ve had a pretty mild spring (loved it!!) but yesterday and today were in the 80’s – hello summer!

5.  Dave CAN NOT WAIT to see the Angels and Demons movie.  Literally every single day he asks if we can go tonight.  Tentatively we are set to go see it sometime on Monday – I’m sure it will be great.  We loved the books so I’m sure we’ll love the movie!

Have a great weekend and have a great MEMORIAL DAY!

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