Coming up for air!

Hey everyone!!!

Dave and I are all moved in and mostly unpacked.  We’ve recycled all the boxes, walked in (and immediately walked out due to the ridiculous line) of the DMV, opened up bank accounts and gone on several best buy/target runs.  We’re somewhat organized, and already loving life out East.  Dave flew back to Indy today and I meet him on Friday for his graduation from his residency program, then it’s our last drive back to Indy and on the 12th we fly out to Australia.  So while I feel like we definitely have the biggest hurdle (moving) behind us, with so much still to do I feel like we’re not really settled yet. 

I really need to get this internet thing figured out though as I am beginning to twitch from lack of connection!! 🙂  Just wanted to check in and thank everyone for the travel safe wishes and awesome emails.  I’ll miss all of you Indy friends so much!!  I also really, really miss my camera!  I keep seeing these incredible hay fields and gorgeous weather out here and am DYING for a session….I cant wait for the fall!!

I’ll touch base before I leave for Australia – I cant believe we’re going in 4 days!!  And I’ve only slightly packed….

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