My friends are amazing * Maryland Photographer

I am so lucky to have such great friends. Friends that will drive all the way out to visit me while I’m on lock down (cant drive for 2 weeks postpartum with a c section) and who bring me tried and true baby items and equally valuable parenting advice…friends that I can ask the hard questions to and get honest answers back, and friends that make my days bright by spending some time with me and Heath during these first few days.

Two friends in particular I want to mention here because they are also insanely talented local photographers who not only came to say hello but also were generous enough to spend time taking some of Heath’s first photos. Yesterday I had a visit from my friend Kelly of who took beautiful images of me right after nursing Heath, and then some of his milk coma smiles afterwards. She has such a natural style and warm heart and I’m so thankful for her! Kelly’s photos can be seen if you’re a fan on facebook – they are beautiful!!!

Today I had a visit from my friend Amber of Little Moon Photography and I cannot express my gratitude and love for her time spent here and the images she captured. Heath was NOT a good newborn model today – he peed and pooped perhaps 9 million times, all over me, all over Dave, and all over Amber and most of her blankets. He wouldnt sleep, he wouldnt nurse, he wouldnt really do anything other than squirm and fidget and pee. From the looks of her images though Heath was the perfect baby, peaceful and sweet. The photos she captured literally take my breath away – seeing him through her eyes is a gift I cant put into words. Take a look at her blog post of my baby Heath (and a beautiful one of me and him!)

Thank you guys again so much!

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