This past week has been so busy! I flew out of town on Wednesday to Baltimore to fulfill bridesmaid duties (and loved every minute of it) for my friend Marilyn, saw friends and family, finalized my photography packaging and specials and almost booked the rest of September! I flew back into Indy tonight and my thoughts are with Dave’s grandma and all the others evacuated due to flooding/weather issues. Stay dry and safe!

I hardly touched my P&S camera this week b/c I was just enjoying the moments…but there is this one photo of Dave and I in the brand new Colts stadium for their first ever game there that I wanted to share. So cool!

IMG_0221_0981 copy

  1. Becky says:

    Go Colts! At least they won this weekend. I finally have a blog for myself (although no photos in it yet), but I am trying to be a good blogger and leave comments on other’s pages! So here I am!

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