5 on Friday!

1. We’re flying to DC today!!! Well technically I fly into Baltimore, drive to Frederick to visit the fam, then onto DC to check out the cherry blossoms, then back to Baltimore. A whirlwind trip as usual – seems to be how we roll. πŸ˜‰ The weather should be perfect for our trip even though it’s calling for a bit of rain on Saturday.

2. Dave and I are planning to FINALLY check out the monuments in DC this weekend. How could I have grown up right outside DC and never have seen most of the monuments? Ridiculous! I’m planning to bring my camera along so hopefully I’ll get some great shots – nothing beats DC in the spring. πŸ™‚

3. My grandfather had surgery this week to have a double knee replacement and he’s doing great!! Medicine is amazing isnt it…my grandfather is in his 70’s and still works full time…but walking so much over all the years really did a number on his knees, and after speaking with AJ (Dave’s brother and the world’s greatest orthopedic surgeon) he decided to go forward with his knee replacement. I cant imagine going into surgery with constant leg pain and waking up with that pain completely gone. Incredible!!!

4. Easter is this weekend and I am debating on what dessert to make. I think I’ve decided on cupcakes but I cant decide between carrot cake or coconut. Ahhh the decisions that I am forced to make – what a rough life. πŸ˜‰

5. This is pretty random but have you guys seen those smart cars? I was passed yesterday on the highway by one of those baby’s…they had to be going 90 MPH…insane! I have no idea if they are safe or not but if I lived in a big city I would totally get one…can you imagine the parking opportunities you’d have!?

Have a great weekend everyone!!! Happy Easter!


  1. Cat Scott says:

    Those Smart cars are everywhere in LA. Definitely great to have when you have hour+ commutes and practically no parking in your neighborhood! Have fun in DC!

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