5 on Friday!

Woooohooooo it’s Friday!!!!!!

1. Writing remotely from Boston baby!!!!  Visiting the beantown for a weekend….staying with my best friend Karen, visiting my friends Carrie and Kristina, and meeting up with fellow photographer and friend Kristina Young.  Dave has his orthodontic conference in Boston for this weekend so I thought it would be a good idea to go up there too.  Totally random though b/c I realized I wont even be seeing him since he’ll be in meetings all weekend!!  Oh well – it will be great to meet up with friends!

2. Dont think that I didnt consider wearing a mask on the flight yesterday…swine flu hype or not…but Dave wouldnt let me.

3. I had a fantastic birthday on Wednesday – thank you guys for so many birthday wishes!!!  I love being 28…I love birthdays!

4. I need a cute dress to wear to a black tie wedding in May.  Of course I do have several dresses in my closet that would fit the bill….but I NEED a new one.  😉  Right?  Right?  yeah…..ok maybe not.

5. Good luck to my best friend Christina who is moving this weekend across the country from Maryland to San Francisco!!!  You’re going to love it out there – have a safe trip and write soon!!!


Have a great weekend!!!!!

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