5 on Friday!

Wow these Spring weeks seem to be flying through quickly!

1. Boston was a blast! I had an awesome time meeting up with friends and hanging out in the city. The weather was great (for the most part) and I had the best mussels I’ve ever eaten! I could have gone without ordering the apple pie at midnight but oh well. 😉

2. The finale of Scrubs was on this week and it was fabulous!!!! I have always loved that show and the finale was awesome – good job Scrubs!

3. I have been called for Jury Duty this coming Monday. I’ve never been called for Jury Duty before and ironically the day I received the letter in the mail I had told Dave that I secretly wanted to serve. Very very weird that the same day I was called. Is big brother watching me?

4. I got my hair cut recently and am now undecided whether or not I like having bangs. It was sort of like my apple pie at midnight decision….sounded good at the time, but clearly a mistake in hindsight.

5. Wow…well if you read this before 7:30 am this morning you would have realized that I forgot to add a #5.  Sort of critical in a 5 on Friday post wouldnt you say?  And there you have it my friends….my fifth point this Friday was completely left off and added after the fact…and you can surmise anything you’d like from that!!  Ugh I need a nap.

Have a GREAT weekend!!!

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