5 on Friday!

Happy Friday!!


1.  Heading out of town AGAIN this weekend – this time for a good friend Christine’s wedding in New Jersey!  Christine and I have been friends since college and I know her wedding is going to be INNNNNNNNNCREDIBLE!!!!  I’ve heard specifically NOT TO MISS the champagne cocktail hour.  No worries – I will be there.  Congrats Christine and Dennis!

2.  I had my first experience with ‘friendship bread’ this week.  Ever heard of this?  I hadnt really, so when my friend Andrea gave me a bag of cream colored goo and told me to make bread with it I was, to put it mildly, skeptical.  I fed my little bag of goo for about a week and followed the directions, and wouldnt you know – 2 yummy loaves of sugary bread came out of the oven.  My coworkers were very happy I kept said goo. 

3. The NHL must be in heaven this week.  Game 7’s, fighting, good rivalries approaching…makes for exciting games!  I still cant keep my attention on them for too long, but Dave loves hockey so we’ve had it on our TV nonstop this week.  Joy.

4. We had pretty bad storms in Indy this week and a lot of local people are out of power – here’s hoping it all comes back on soon!

5. I hope everyone out there had a wonderful day on Mother’s Day last Sunday.  I am fortunate to have my mom, my mother in law, a Grandma and a Gommy, lots of aunts, and a great-aunt-of-sorts around to be so thankful for.  A big hug and happy mother’s day thoughts to all my moms.


Have a great weekend!!!

  1. Bri says:

    I LOVE friendship bread…. I need some more friends so that someone will give me goo. 🙂

  2. Bri says:

    I LOVE friendship bread…. I need some more friends so that I can get some goo 🙂

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