5 on Friday!

1. My friend Julie and I are having a HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEE yard sale tomorrow!!!!!!  She recently moved so she has a ton of stuff, and we’ve not moved for 6 years so we have a TON of stuff that we did a major spring cleaning on…and I need to get rid of it all!  So from 8-2 if you’re in the broad ripple area head over to 5625 N. College Ave and you’ll see us chilling in her front yard!

2. I’ll admit – I have a huge phobia of plane crashes…and the recent crash of the Air France flight has me completely freaked out.  I know logically that it’s statistically way more likely I’ll die of heart disease(as I sit here eating a Long’s donut)…but I think the loss of control is what scares me about flights.  I never used to have a problem flying – I’ve flown hundreds of flights in my life…but timing wise right after 9/11 I had a melt down and somehow became a crazy anxious passenger.   I just learned Tony Kornheiser from PTI quit his job on Monday Night Football because of his fear of flying…I hope I dont ever get to that point.  Blah.

3. The NBA and NHL championships are upon us and it’s exciting!!!!!!  Work at adidas has been super busy with hot market rush orders and ‘if win’ orders…games like these are great for business!

4. Have you all heard of a recipe called Salsa Chicken?  There seems to be a bunch of variations out there, but the one I like is super simple and healthy.  Toss in a slow cooker 1 chicken breast, 1 jar of salsa, 1 can of black beans drained, and 1 small bag of corn.  Cook on low for 6 hours and at the end shred the chicken with two forks and serve over brown rice, in fajitas, etc.  So good and really easy!

5. Dave is really excited about seeing the movie The Hangover this weekend…then again Dave gets excited about every movie that comes out and loves seeing things on opening day.  I’m sure it will be good though, and I do still sort of owe him for watching Rachel Getting Married…

Have a great weekend!!!

  1. Brianna says:

    Good idea for a post – very cool. How was the hangover?

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