5 on Friday!

Actually instead of doing my typical 5 on Friday I’m going to babble along about all the news from yesterday…it’s on my mind, it’s upsetting to me, and I want to chat with you about it all.  Plus I cant think of 4 other things…


Along with the rest of the world – I am in complete shock and sadness over the passing of Michael Jackson.  Seriously – so stunned…so sad.  It was interesting…I was at a bar last night with coworkers, celebrating my going away party, when we heard the news.  Everyone instantly jumped on their blackberries and Iphones to check out what the ‘real’ news was saying (TMZ vs. CNN credibility debates ensued), and it was like the entire bar erupted in chaos.  Shortly after speakers and a mic were set up and a girl was singing (very poorly I might add) a kareoke rendition of Man In The Mirror as a tribute.  The whole bar sang along and waved their lighters…it was actually really sweet. 

I know he walked to his own beat – many artists do – but I feel like he is our generation’s Elvis.  His music is tied so closely to the years of my life – thriller, billy jean, rock your world…so many memories with great friends rocking it out.  He’ll be so greatly missed and I’m glad to see that fans are remembering him mostly for his great contriubutions to music.  We’ll miss you Michael Jackson! 

Obviously in other very sad news – Farrah Fawcett passed away too yesterday.  I am sad that she was overshadowed, as she is an iconic personality in her own right.  In fact last night I was discussing with a 52 year old coworker that he was much more connected to Farrah than he was to Michael.  Totally understandable as she was a girl of the 70’s and MJ was an 80’s guy.  It’s always sad to see life end for people so full of life.

  1. Lindsey says:

    That’s funny–I made the comment to Chris last night about how MJ’s passing is like our generation’s Elvis. I have a feeling his funeral is going to be something along the lines of Princess Di’s funeral in its grandeur–it’ll be something to see, I’m sure.

    He was definitely a weird dude, but I always kinda felt bad for him, like he had this massively screwed up idea of reality and it’s kinda sad. His poor family. 🙁

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