5 on…eh, Monday * Maryland Family Photographer

So as you guys know I typically do my 5 on Friday post, on – well, Friday. Except recently I’ve had a major case of pregnancy brain and Fridays come and go and I completely space on this topic. So here we are today on Monday, with 5 little updates on me. πŸ™‚

1. Anyone local to me knows, we are BURIED in snow!! The amount is record breaking, though beautiful when you look out into the trees and roads. I can handle the snow, but it’s difficult to handle no power, which unfortunately we’ve been without since Friday night. They claim we’ll have it restored by tonight…but we’ll see. Thank goodness for my blackberry, since I can still communicate with clients, etc. – but I’ll have lots of catch up work to do at home once I can get my computer turned on again. Heat would be nice too! πŸ™‚

2. So the Colts lost. πŸ™ I do think it’s pretty awesome to see a team like the Saints win, but my heart was pulling for my Indy Colts. In the end it was a good game, which kept me excited until the very end – which is always good. I think a part of me is also sad that we dont have football on Sunday’s anymore for another year. Looking forward to next year already!

3. I’m into my third trimester now with our baby boy, and it’s so much fun to feel him kick and move around all the time. We cant believe (and are slightly freaking out) that he’ll be here in 11 weeks. I mean seriously – 11 weeks!!! Ahhh! As my friend Zela told me, “babies dont really need much, but at the same time they do”. πŸ™‚ I’m sure we’ll figure everything out by then, but it’s overwhelming knowing all that we have to prepare for and do before the big day. I cant wait to meet him!!

4. I’m in my 4th week of prenatal yoga classes and I keep finding that I do a pose with the group, start counting to ten with the class, and then on count #9 I realize I’m doing everything opposite as everyone else. They’ll be pointing to the right, and here I am off to the left. Classic.

5. Has everyone had the two bite brownies at Whole Foods? They remind me of these little brownie bites my friend Sam used to make us when I lived in Indianapolis…which were divine as well. They are unreal…so, so, so yummy.

Until next Friday – (if I can remember), have a great week!

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