5 on Friday! * Maryland Photographer

1. Headed to Raleigh, NC for the holiday weekend and LOVING THIS WEATHER!!!!! Spending Q time with the in laws is always fun – so lucky to have such great parents and siblings-in laws!

2. Did some double duty planning and scheduled my own maternity photo session this weekend with one of my all time favorite photographers – the talented and super sweet Linda Wallace of Linda Wallace Photography. I cant wait to see the images as she was so creative in her suggestions and ideas. It was really fun being in front of the camera this time, and I loved ‘talking shop’ with her. I’ll be sure to share the pics when I get them!

3. On the baby front – I’ve officially hit 37 weeks and am now in my 9th month of pregnancy…full term baby! I’m still feeling great though I’ve had to sadly put my rings away because my fingers are starting to resemble overstuffed sausages. I’m cherishing every single day I have with Heath in my belly so I can still enjoy having him all to myself. 🙂

4. NCAA tourny excitement!!! Of course I wish Wake was still in it – but I’ll be happy seeing Butler play and even though Duke and Wake are rivals (well probably only from wake’s perspective) I’ll enjoy seeing them play as well. Love college bball!!

5. So excited about the weather turning warm again too! I love all the gorgeous cherry blossom trees and flowers everywhere…there’s something about spring and 70 degree temps that just make me happy!

Have an awesome weekend everyone!

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