Five on Friday! * Maryland Photographer

1. I feel like a 90 year old man obsessing about the weather all the time, but I am LOVING these spring days. It was a bit hot there for a while, but now it’s seemed to settle out and we’re having warm days and warm nights…love! Sort of strange the goldenrod is out this early though – but maybe that’s normal out here in Maryland? It seemed to come later in Summer out in Indiana if I remember right.

2. On the baby front we’re down to the wire! 38 weeks and counting (and he has ‘dropped’ as of this week)! Heath is still moving and squirming quite a bit and everyone who sees me thinks I MUST be overdue because how on earth could any human have such a large belly. We have everything set up and ready for him though so when he does choose to make his appearance we’ll be prepared (and so excited!!)

3. My very last session before my maternity leave is tomorrow – and it’s a newborn baby boy so I’m looking forward to it on a personal level since I’ll be meeting my own baby boy soon! Check back for sneak peeks sometime this weekend!

4. Only a couple more weeks until we plant our garden! I’ve had urges to go ahead and plant now since it’s been so beautiful out but I’m glad we’ve waited since just 2 nights ago we had a frost at night. I’m most excited to plant the lettuce and the strawberries – which I’m sure somehow I’ll mess up. Crossing fingers we get some sort of yield!

5. Meetings with accountants and lawyers to go over taxes (um…please tell me I’m not the only one who had to file an extension this year?) and setting up a will are really making me feel like a grown up. Not in a good way!

Everyone have an awesome weekend!!!

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