My baby * Maryland Baby Photographer

Can I still call him my newborn? Please!!? Every day I go over to his crib in the morning and peer over the side, and his little face looks up at me and smiles. Nothing melts my heart more! He’s loving swimming in the pool this summer but the bright sun seems to bother his bright blue eyes, so we’ve been taking him in after 5:00pm so he can avoid the really harsh light. He also loves to ‘stand’ up and flex his little leg muscles. This is hilarious because his face contorts into a look of pure effort as his eyebrows shoot towards the ceiling and his lips purse into a circle. He’s so cute…I cant get enough.

Maryland Baby Photographer

Maryland Baby Photographer

  1. Marci says:

    He is such a cutie. I used to stare at mine and sometimes still do…in wonder that we helped create such a perfect little human.

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