3 months and counting * Maryland Baby Photographer

I’ve totally been slacking on taking and posting photos of Heath…and you all have called me out on it over email, comments, etc! Sorry!!!! I know he’s a cutie and I get to see his adorable face every day, so I’ll try to do a better job of sharing him here too! He had his first few vaccines which seemed to go well, and while he had about 2 weeks of sleeping through the night, he’s blessed us with a month of 3am wake up calls. Lovely. Life is getting into a new normal though, and life with a baby is now all I seem to be able to remember. He wakes us up with a smile every morning, reaches for toys/necklaces/hair and PULLS, and is super close to being able to roll over. We’re so in love with this little face!!

Oh yeah, and he’s 16.5 pounds and wearing 12 month clothes…at 3 months old. Help me.

Here are just some recent happy faces from Heath:

Maryland Baby Photographer
Maryland Baby Photographer

  1. Jaidean says:

    LOVE….he is so stinkin’ cute, Shey!!! And I can’t believe he is in 12 month clothes!

  2. Jaidean says:

    He is sooo cute, Shey!

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