We’ve got a roller! * Maryland Baby Photographer

Well, sort of. Heath first showed off his rolling skills at 2 months while playing on his activity mat…but then nothing – not even rocking or tilting – for the next two months. But today, on his 4 month birthday, he decided to pull this little stunt in the middle of my attempt at some 4 month photos.
Maryland Baby Photographer

Oops. I should have known better than to attempt these without a spotter…I remember all too clearly when he was 10 days old (on Mother’s Day no less) me taking him out to do some photos in a basket and he TIPPED OVER and fell on his head. He was totally fine; I was scarred for life.

So of course, just like old times, Heath decided to reach his next milestone in a grassy field with an awkward landing.

I cant believe he’s 4 months old…

Maryland Baby Photographer

Maryland Baby Photographer

Maryland Baby Photographer

Maryland Baby Photographer

  1. Jaidean says:

    awwww….he is so sweet!!!

  2. Kim Schmidt says:

    I’m loving the little peach fuzz on his head. He is getting so big! And yay for starting to roll over.

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