6 weeks old! * Maryland Baby Photographer

Baby Marley was so sweet, happy and alert for a 6 week old…and BEAUTIFUL! This little girl was already charming her way across the gardens during our session this weekend. People were stopping to admire her gorgeous little face and adorable outfit. She is definitely a daddy’s girl, and loves being cuddled by her mama…she was SO SWEET and adorable I could hardly stand it! Her family is gorgeous as you can see below of course, and their outfits combined with the fall colors and holiday vibe make the perfect family session. Enjoy these sneak peeks of this incredibly beautiful (inside and out!) family!

Maryland Family Photographer

Maryland Family Photographer

Maryland Family Photographer

Maryland Family Photographer

Maryland Family Photographer

  1. oh she is one beautiful little girl! No wonder people were stopping! Beautiful session Shey, lovely colour.

  2. Ramsey says:

    What a gorgeous family and the baby is absolutely precious. I love your clarity and color.

  3. Wow, what a gorgeous family! And with style too πŸ˜‰ Love these.

  4. Liz says:

    Oh my gosh! What a little doll. Great shots of a beautiful family.

  5. this n that says:

    These are all just so beautiful, love the colors and the connections, and that is a gorgeous child!

  6. Beautiful!!!! Gorgeous work Shey!

  7. Gorgeous Images! LOVE them all πŸ™‚

  8. Decky says:

    This is the most beautiful family EVER! I love the color coordination and the trees. This truly is a fabulous picture

  9. Sid and Carolyn Williams says:

    These pictures are too beautiful. Thank you for providing such a heartwarming preview of our special family. Our hearts are overflowing with pride and love.
    Nana Carolyn and Poppa Sid

  10. CJ Wilkes says:

    Love this! They are all so beautiful. What a lovely family!!!

  11. Amy says:

    Wow what an incredibly gorgeous family!! Love love love the outfits – especially because I am a sucker for a bowtie πŸ™‚ And such a gorgeous baby as well!

  12. Sid and Carolyn Williams says:

    As a totally unbiased observed (a/k/a Nana Carolyn) I must say that the family in this photo are 3 of the most beautiful, charming people I have ever seen. Of course Miss Marley is the star and we have great expectations for a wonderful future for one of the most lovely, precocious babies born in 2010.

    Sid & Carolyn Williams
    Poppa and Nana

  13. Carolyn Williams says:

    These pictures are wonderful. My husband and I are so proud to be the grandparents of such a lovely young lady. The photographer has done a wonderful job of capturing the special personality of Miss Marley and her beautiful parents.
    Carolyn Williams (a/k/a Nana Carolyn)

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