My baby’s first Christmas * Maryland Baby Photographer

Now that most of my holiday cards have gone out I wanted to share the photo I took of my own little baby for my cards. The holiday photo-sessions I do are some of my favorites and I look forward to them all year long. I love seeing a family so proud of their kids or their relationship and wanting to share that with all their family and friends in a beautiful holiday card. I love the outfits, the fall colors that are around (and the hint of winter starting) and I love that it all leads up to celebrating another year and being thankful for all that we have in our lives.

I have always loved making my own holiday cards and this year was of course special to me as it’s my own baby’s first Christmas! This time last year I had a sizable baby bump and was looking forward to meeting my baby in a few months. This year we’re cherishing how fascinated he is with the twinkle lights, reading Christmas stories to him, and dressing him up in ridiculous outfits. We’re starting some of our own family traditions and carrying on many that we grew up with as well. It’s an amazing time of year and I cant wait for Christmas morning for him to see his presents (admittedly he’ll be mostly interested in the wrapping paper and boxes).

I wish everyone a happy holiday!
Maryland Baby Photographer

  1. Jaidean says:

    so so adorable!!!

  2. Laurie says:

    Aww what a sweet baby! Enjoy your first holiday together as a family! They only get better and better!!

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