Making the most of this weather * Frederick Maryland Baby Photographer

I’ll be honest…I’m ready for spring! I hate the winter and the cold, and only prefer snow when I’m skiing. My grandmother has a house full of old antique treasures that have taken on a whole new meaning to me now that I have a baby(and for my clients – there are some awesome finds in there that we can use for our sessions too if we want to do a styled session!). When it started to snow last week I remembered that she had this vintage sled from when my uncle was growing up, and I made sure to snag it for a photo op with Heath.

I have come to a new era with him though, where he’s starting to not enjoy having his photos taken by me. I knew this day would come, as many of my photographer friends have told me – they call it “PCS” or Photographer’s Child Syndrome (or something to that affect). He now wants nothing to do with me when I have my camera in hand, and in this particular case, would rather do a faceplant in the snow than stay on the sleigh to have his photos taken. So yes, unfortunately about 4 seconds after I took this image he hurled himself off the side and went right into the snow. What is it they say – the cobbler’s son has no shoes…

Frederick MD Baby Photographer

  1. Jaidean says:

    Adorable! He is getting so big!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I love this and love your comments. So true.

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