Siena Rose * Frederick Maryland Newborn Photographer

My sweet baby girl has turned a week old and is now almost two weeks – and just like that she reminds me how kids make time change for parents. You wait 9 months (really in some ways your whole life) to meet them – and then the clock resets and it’s like you’ve never NOT known them. They bring you closer together with your partner, make you see beauty (and pain) in higher thresholds, and (as I’m experiencing for the first time) get to see your love multiply when they relate with their siblings. Watching Heath kiss and hold Siena has been so cute, and my heart grew exponentially in size the first time I heard him say her name. Life has become so much sweeter since she’s joined our family, and I am trying to stay present and really enjoy every moment of the newness of having a newborn baby at home. The bottles, the diapers, the flaky skin, the belly button, bath time, hugs and cuddles, tiny clothes and so so so much laundry…everything I KNOW goes by so fast, so I’m cherishing these slow days together and enjoying this family time together.

I (of course) couldnt help myself but take some studio newborn photos of her…I know I have mommy goggles but I think she’s pretty cute, and I am proud to share her here! My clients have said this to me over and over again after seeing their newborn photos – that it’s like seeing their baby for the first time – and I totally get that when I look at these of Siena. Here’s my baby girl!

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  2. Allison says:

    This makes me wish I had a baby girl to have photographed, and it makes me wish I had your talent. The eye of a photographer matched with the eye of a mother has allowed you to capture some sweet moments you’ll want to remember forever, like when your baby girl had that one perfect curl!

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