3 month old twins! * washington dc baby photographer

I was so excited to see these two adorable babies again and see how much they’ve grown! I first met them as newborns and I cant believe they’re already 3 months old! They have family overseas waiting anxiously to see these too so a big hello from across the pond! In the past three months they’ve grown bigger, gotten really cool hair, have the cutest smiles and bright big eyes, and looooove being cuddled by their parents. They are such a sweet family and I am excited to see them grow over this next year!


Sweet miss Lily:

Adorable sir Leo:

The whole beautiful crew:

  1. priya says:

    hi priya the photo’s are so cute, love from mum

  2. mayank says:

    great photos of family the resemblances can be noticed lily has so much of sheetal and leo like amar .
    god given gift dont you think

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