Siena at 7 weeks! * Frederick Maryland Baby Photographer

I cant believe it myself, but my newborn baby girl is getting close to not being a newborn anymore. She’s inching more towards the ‘infant’ stage and has started smiling, cooing, getting pissed when her brother tries to jump on her (rightly so), and developing a strong preference for her mom to hold her ALL.THE.TIME. I always joked when Heath was little that I wished I had a clingy baby because Heath would literally jump out of my arms and into strangers’ in the middle of a grocery store. No seriously, that actually happened when he was 6 months old, and I am still a bit miffed over it all. Siena though is a total mama’s girl and while I secretly do love cuddling with her, it has been tough to get much done besides that. She is growing like crazy and I’ve already had to retire her newborn clothing. Heath is so sweet with her, and the other day I overheard her start to cry and could hear Heath walk over to her and kiss her head over and over. I am excited to see them grow up together because they already have such a sweet bond.

Here are a few photos I took tonight in the buttercup field outside of my studio. The bed is a vintage doll bed I borrowed from my grandmother and I love the mix of rustic and delicate vintage here!

  1. axl says:

    she is too sweet, shey!

  2. Lyssa says:

    She is so beautiful Shey. I can’t wait to meet her!!!

  3. Jaidean says:

    so pretty! She is getting so big!

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