I heart Ree. She’s the hilarious author of The Pioneer Woman website, and I have wasted hours upon hours of my life just perusing her blog. I first found her site b/c of photography…she takes the most gorgeous pics and is so helpful – giving out free actions and PP tips. But then, oh then…I found her cooking site. Admittedly, some of her food is not up my alley. Brisket, desserts with mt. dew, and cream of whatever arent mainstays in our kitchen. But some of her recipes – mainly the ones when she was a ‘big city girl’ feel right at home. I saw this salad and began drooling all over my keyboard. How fantastic looking is this – I mean seriously. And it’s healthy and chocked full of veggies. Anyway – check out her site if you havnt yet…I promise for a second you’ll want to pick up the farm life. 🙂

The Pioneer Woman’s Recipe

My attempt:

  1. Beth G. says:

    Oh ya, I am a HUGE fan of her site gazing at her beautiful photos too!
    I tried the jalapeno bacon bites and they were AWESOME, I’ve had this salad starred, but hadn’t tried it yet- looks delish!

  2. December says:

    ooh – that looks so tasty!!

    Cheers darling!

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