End of my photo class

We ended by taking self portraits. It’s weird smiling at a camera on a tripod. We had to create our own lighting and meter/set up the shot. The first one was an accident actually, but I ended up liking it. Then the second one was one of my on purpose – self portraits. The only bummer was I ended up accidentally taking off one of my lenses without turning the camera off and I got a big dust particle on my sensor. Boo.


  1. Stephanie says:

    gorgeous as always! Love the new blog title too!

  2. Zela says:

    two great shots. beautiful!

  3. Gummy Mommy says:

    I also love the first pic… and geesh, how cute are you !!! …

  4. Daf says:

    awwwww you look great! nice job!

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