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spent some more time in the kitchen baking up a bunch of goodies. Made some mini carmel apple pies for Dave to take into school, cinnamon applesauce for us, and pumpkin pie for me. Everything made from scratch – except the pie shells which are the gluten free kind from whole foods. I have nothing against gluten…in fact I really dont know what gluten free means (no wheat?) but they were the only shells available so this is what we had to work with. Everything tasted amazing…but I think my favorite was the applesauce. Ammmmmmmazingly good.

Recipe adapted from applesauce . I cut down on the sugar, increased the cinnamon and doubled the recipe:


Mini carmel apple pies
I used the carmel apple pie filling recipe from an earlier post in my blog:
Apple Pie Recipe and then just used muffin tins to create mini pies. They held up great and were surprisingly easy to pop out of the tins. I think these will be easy to eat on the go at school and it’s nice not having to deal with utensils and plates and stuff.

mini apple pies

Pumpkin Pie
Straight off the back of the Libby’s Pumpkin Pie can. Except I used homemade roasted pumpkin puree instead of the canned stuff so I had to find the recipe online: Pumpkin Pie.
I typically will use canned pumpkin, as I think it’s a pretty good substitute…but I will say that I love love love pumpkin pie and have convinced myself it’s healthy and good for me since it includes a vegetable…so I love it all. Dave doesn’t really like pumpkin pie but took one bite of this and made a strange sound which I guess means he liked it. So yeah…trying it with the fresh pumpkin was a hit.

pumpkin pie

  1. Becky says:

    those apple pies look sooooo yummy!

  2. Stephanie says:


  3. Stephanie says:

    shey, you are slowly tempting me to want to cook/bake again; keep up the good work!

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