my sweetpea * Frederick Maryland Baby Photographer

Fall is Dave’s favorite season (mine is a tie between Spring and Summer) and while I love Fall, it makes me sad that there is SO MUCH TIME before warm weather comes back around. I do love the fall colors though, the falling leaves, the holidays, the yummy apple and pumpkin foods, wood in the fireplace, football, pumpkin beer and chili, and cozy blankets. For me as a photographer, fall also means a ramping up of their year, the holiday busy season in full swing, and basically total chaos. I’ve had this image here in mind since I had Siena – as I have a similar one of Heath from about the same age, around the same time of year, and I wasnt sure if I was going to be able to get it with my schedule being so crazy right now. Today though we had a warm snap (um…it was like 80 degrees) and we ran outside quickly to take a break and capture this fun image. I joked on facebook that she only ate 12 leaves during the making of this image, which made it that much more fitting, as she is constantly putting everything in her mouth.

I love this little girl so much.

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