Adorable twins! * Potomac Maryland Newborn and Baby Photographer

These beautiful twins were absolutely precious and perfect. Sweet and peaceful baby girl K would drift between dreams as she cuddled in her mama’s arms. Handsome and loveable baby boy A was fiesty and strong willed for a bit, and then would melt as soon as mama held him tight. The highlight of meeting them was certainly seeing them interact together. They would take turns hugging eachother, and then would turn around and hit eachother in the face (lovingly of course!). These two blonde and blue eyed cuties are so sweet together – enjoy these sneak peeks of this lovely family!

  1. Mary Keaney says:

    These pictures are awesome. God Bless Ari & Kate and especially you.

    Love Aunt Mary

  2. George Durazzo says:

    Just lovely. Well done M!

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