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I dragged took Heath out tonight to grab a few updated photos of him, and like normal with my own kids it resulted in over-exaggerated bribery, threats, and facial expressions. Siena was smart and refused to leave the stroller. I kept the outtakes to use as blackmail when he’s 16, but for now here are a few of the cute ones I managed to get in between him running around like a crazy 2 year old. I look at him, with his wild blonde hair, huge blue eyes, quirky expressive smiles, and realize he’s teetering on the cusp of toddler, tipping over into boyhood. It’s amazing and strange and sad and happy all at once. I Love this boy and everything he brings into my world.






Frederick Maryland Child Photographer

Frederick MD Child Photographer


  1. Christina says:

    He’s so handsome! I just bought that vest too!

  2. Jaidean says:

    awww…what a cutie! Love his little wispy hair! 🙂

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