Brisbane, Byron Bay, and realizing we have 10 days left in Oz.

Brisbane was everything I remembered and more. We had amazing food, yummy local brews, fun tours and great experiences. We got lost, had adventures, walked a lot and lived it all up. I was reminded once again why I love this country so much, and why I’ll miss it so much when we leave. Now that we’re in Byron Bay – our first stop in NSW, and our first glimpse at ‘cool’ weather, we’re enjoying the beauty here and gearing up for our last 10 days in Australia.

Tomorrow we do a full day of traveling to make it to the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney, where we’ll do a bunch of hiking for 2 days and then head into Sydney for a couple days. Then we’re onto Melbourne and then home…it’s all going to fly by I know. Here are some photos of our last week in Brisbane and Byron Bay…as the rest of this trip, all of these are straight out of the camera (meaning no photoshop editing – which off topic I am totally missing at this point!!) and more can be seen on my flickr stream.

Southbank in Brisbane


my old campus

Byron Bay Lighthouse

Walking around the most Easterly point in Australia

  1. Kristi says:

    Wow, these are beautiful! I had no idea there was that kind of architecture in Australia, and I studied the subject for 4 years!

    I find it incredibly funny that I just stumbled across your Knot bio a million years ago, have no idea who you really are in real life, and yet I continue to follow your journeys around the world – lured by your creative eye, colorful, organic personal taste, and a lifestyle so similar to my own it’s almost scary. Thanks for keeping this blog public! AND – it’s not all in vain because I have family in Maryland, NJ & Virgina to whom you will be highly recommended. Especially to my model of a cousin who will soon be a h.s. senior in need of some great portraits 😉 Thanks for sharing the photos!

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