1 week left in Oz!

Soooo crazy…we are down to 1 week!!! 1 more week of barely knowing what day it is let alone thinking about the ‘real’ world…but I must say I’m totally energized, refreshed and SO excited – SERIOUSLY SO EXCITED – to come back home and get into our new lives in Maryland. We are fortunate that when this Australian adventure ends we have a brand new adventure to get into – two new jobs, a new place to live, friends/family to see, and so many new places to explore. CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

I do have to share the great news we got today – my brilliant husband is now a PUBLISHED AUTHOR!!!!! He found out this morning that his research project has been accepted into the leading orthodontic publication…so exciting!!!

So here are some photos of our time here in the Blue Mountains – a gorgeous little area right outside of Sydney. Tomorrow we head into Sydney for a few days of sightseeing and exploring, so I’m sure I’ll check back then. For now here are some fun pics from today!

  1. Denisa says:

    Shey! Seriously all of the pictures you have posted of your trip are GORGEOUS!!! Congrats to your hub!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Glad you are having fun. Can’t wait for you to get back!

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